9 Most Unique Hotels In Israel

9 Most Unique Hotels In Israel

In this article, you will find the 9 most unique hotels (in my opinion). All of them are for adults only and will include both their strengths and weaknesses. This article wasn’t sponsored by anyone and contains information both from my point of view and from other visitors’ stays and their opinions.

Israel is quite a small country but has many changing views, historical places and great food that you will enjoy if you have already decided to visit there. Luckily, you can find great hotels that will suit your budget mostly everywhere, and in most of them, you will be able to taste the local cuisine and go to attractions. But if you’re more into pampering hotels, that will make all the work for you; we are here to give you our list of the unique hotels that Israel offers by area.

Israel’s divided into three main regions: the North region, the Central region, and the southern region; in each part, you will find its capital city and different views, people, and architecture. These cities are simply the biggest city in the area where you will find most of the shopping and trading centers and attractions.

Suppose you are into staying and experiencing one of the big towns. In that case, you should consider Tel Aviv/Jaffa ( yes, they are regarded as one), Jerusalem, Eilat, or Tiberia because all these cities are known for their touristic foundations and attractions.

Not all of the best hotels in Israel are inside these big cities, and a few are pretty remote, but I still advise you to try and stay and experience at least one or two of them.


UNIque hotels

Central region (“Ha Merkaz”) best hotels

Israel’s main “Ben-Gurion airport” (BGN) is in the central region. with two of Israel’s leading capital cities; Tel-Aviv/Jaffa and Jerusalem

Setai Jaffa hotel

One of the best hotels in Israel for its location and view, The hotel is in the central spot of old Jaffa in a preserved building from the 13th century, near the old clock tower, the flea market, and all of the beautiful old streets of Jaffa. The hotel has 120 big rooms with all the amenities you need for a great stay. But the unbeatable highlight of this hotel is its infinity pool that faces the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, where you will get a spectacular show of dancing colors in the sky every sunset.

The hotel offers a rich breakfast as the Israeli best hotels are offering (the Israeli crowd is big fans of grandiose breakfasts). In addition, the local chef restaurant “Jaya” Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus so that you can book a table anytime.

And The elegant “Kishla” bar, wrapped in blue Brazilian stone, where you will find Local art cocktails, a selection of Israeli wines, a rich alcohol menu, and of course, a great atmosphere.

Pros :

  • The best infinity pool in Tel-Aviv/Jaffa
  • Great breakfast
  • Big rooms
  • Great service
  • The restaurant is open all-day

Cons :

  • Somewhat expensive
  • Paid parking which depends on free slots
  • Late check-out costs extra charges
  • Not-so-good spa service by most of the reviews

9 most unique hotels in israel

Hotel 65 Tel-Aviv

Our favorite hotel in Tel-Aviv. Hotels 65 is part of the extensive Israeli Atlas chain and has 16 boutique hotels in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and the southern city of Israel, Eilat.

This hotel is located in the heart of and makes the whole city center accessible by foot, including all the restaurants, bars, beaches, ports, malls, and all the other stuff the city has to offer.

9 most unique hotels in israel

Sheinkin Street 0.5 km

the Independence Museum is 0.6 km

Nahalat Binyamin Artists Market 0.7 km

Carmel Market 0.8 km

Habima Theater 0.8 km

Nahalat Binyamin Artists Market 0.7 km

Dizengoff Center 1 1. km

Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance 1.2 km

Neve Tzedek 1.2 km

Tel Aviv Museum of Art 1.6 km

Since there is a huge problem with parking in TLV, this hotel offers its guests free parking inside the hotel, which is a tremendous plus for the hotel.

The Atlas chain accepts pets in their properties, so you can easily travel with your beloved furry pet. The rooms are big and well-equipped with anything you want. The reception is open 24/7, and the highlight is the big terrace that overwatches the TLV skyline. The prices are friendly for most budgets, and you will undoubtedly enjoy the happy hour every day from 17:00 to 19:00 for the hotel guests.


  • Good prices
  • Free parking in Tel-Aviv (15 places available)
  • Pet friendly
  • City center
  • Great breakfast
  • Stunning balcony


  • Only 15 parking spots
  • Extra costs for late check-out
  • No in-house chef restaurant
  • No swimming pool

hotel 65
9 most unique hotels in israel

Alegra Ein-Karem 

An award-winning best romantic boutique hotel in the middle east, This hotel is in the heart of Ein-Karem, located at the foot of Jerusalem. It offers you a great romantic vacation in one of Israel’s most beautiful settlements. The proximity to Jerusalem makes Ein-Karem place perfect for those who want to enjoy the historical area without all the hustle and bustle of a big city. Ein Karem is an important historical place for both the Jewish religion and Christianity; if you walk around, you will surely enjoy the beautiful churches, ancient buildings, and beautiful tracks for those who love hiking and, of course, local restaurants and stalls with goods.

Alegra Hotel offers  14 suites and rooms, each with a different character and decoration. A beautiful garden around the hotel and a stunning rooftop that overwatches the whole area. You can also find a spa, dry/wet sauna, and a great breakfast.


  • Reasonable price
  • Great location
  • Airport pick services on additional coasts
  • Great breakfast
  • Historical building


  • No swimming pool
  • No chef restaurant
  • Hard to arrive without a car

North Region (“Ha Zaffon”) best hotels

With its capital city Haifa. The north region is known mainly for the green sceneries, wineries, small Zimmers, the sea of galilee, and the highest mountain in Israel; Hermon mount (reaching 2 040m (6690ft) above sea level)


Dona Castle

Ever wanted to stay in a historical castle and feel like a real king/queen? That’s your chance. The boutique hotel was built within a historical palace founded in 1745 and is one of the only buildings preserved almost perfectly from that time. The hotel has ten big rooms, which are different from one another in design and features. The unique location of the castle allows the guests to oversee the beautiful sea of the galilee from a perfect spot and enjoy breathtaking sunrises for those who are brave to wake up early enough.

Each morning a cook arrives to make you delicious Israeli breakfast a-la-carte, and you can also book all of the activities you would like to have from the hotel itself. So if you are looking for a unique place to stay, this is one of the most amazing experiences Israel offers.

The hotel doesn’t have a swimming pool of its own for right now, but if you are staying there, you will get free access to the swimming pool of the Scottish hotel, which is 20 meters away (or maybe less). You can also ask for a chef’s meal in the beautiful hall in the center of the castle with candlelights and the most romantic environment you can imagine.


  • the price is reasonable
  • Sleeping in a historic castle
  • Perfect location
  • Amazing view
  • Delicious breakfast


  • Tiberia isn’t the most tourist-friendly city in Israel
  • No swimming pool inside the hotel
  • Only paid parking around the hotel
most unique hotels in israel

Pereh resort

A boutique hotel in the Golan Heights is considered one of the best in Israel, from the same founder as the Alegra hotel in Ein-Karem Jerusalem. This resort contains 27 spacious rooms and suites with all the equipment you will need for a perfect stay, a pampering infinity pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, balconies with stunning views of the Israeli north, and a spoiling restaurant. The breakfast is so good that you might consider taking it even if you are not staying at the hotel.

The hotel’s remote location makes it a perfect place for those who want to rest from the stress of every day and enjoy some fresh air, beautiful views, and wineries,  but you should consider the high prices.


  • Beautiful hotel
  • Great staff
  • Amazing infinity pool
  • Outdoor jacuzzi
  • high standard breakfast
  • beautiful rooms



  • High prices
  • arriving only by car
  • Lots of bees around the hotel in May/June
  • Many guests were disappointed by the dinner at the restaurant.
pereh hotel


Akotika Boutique Hotel offers a unique hosting experience In the heart of the Old City of Acre (Ako in Hebrew).

Amazingly well-designed rooms and picturesque alleys, stunning views of the sea, and an authentic experience of one of Israel’s most multi-cultural cities will make your stay unforgettable.

The breakfast is served daily on a stunning rooftop, where you will have your belly full while enjoying the sea breeze. The most exciting thing about this hotel is that rooms are not part of the main building but spread around Acre’s picturesque alleys. Therefore, the hotel is perfect for you to roam around Acre on foot and enjoy all the authentic food, souvenirs, and market stalls.


  • Best location in Acre
  • The owner is mostly around and will take care of your needs
  • The ancient and authentic main building and city alleys
  • Fresh daily breakfast
  • Well-thought to the minor details


  • No private parking
  • No swimming pool
  • No dinner
  • Room doors connect to main streets, which may cause some noise.
  • The streets around are not always the cleanest
best hotels in israel

South Region (“Ha Darom”) best hotels

The south region, with its capital Beer Sheba (Beer Sheva in Hebrew), is mainly known for its desert, the dead sea, and the red sea in the southern point where you can also cross the border to one of the neighboring countries; Jordan and Egypt.


Bereshit (Genesis Hotel)

The combination of the vast desert nature and the extraordinary architecture,

This hotel is one of the unique hotels in Israel.

A vacation at the Bereishit Hotel in Mitzpe Ramon town guarantees an unforgettable hospitality experience

Excellent service, gourmet restaurant, luxury spa, spacious rooms,

A heated pool that has been named the ‘Most Beautiful Pool in the World’,

And as mentioned – a desert landscape that is second to none can be seen from every corner.

The hotel covers about 50 dunams and is built of 111 guest villas scattered over the surface.

The 39 ground-floor units have private pools – and the upper rooms have balconies overlooking the view.

The unique location of the Genesis Hotel combines meticulous luxury with breathtaking nature, and if you are lucky enough, you might see the local desert oryxes wandering around.


  • Stunning views everywhere
  • Great facilities
  • Excellent breakfast and restaurants
  • Swimming pool with a fantastic view
  • Rooms more extensive than the standard


  • Very expensive
  • Public transport makes it hard to reach so you better rent a car
  • Quite remote

Six Senses Shaharut

The first Six Senses chain hotel in Israel, which was opened in 2021 and is known for being the best hotel in Israel, is located in the south of the Negev Desert, in the Arava Valley, and the small community of Shaharut. This hotel comprises just 60 suites and pool villas that cover a total footprint of approximately 46 acres and include a Six Senses Spa.

Six Senses Shaharut offers a creative approach to cuisine, combining the best of Israeli and Mediterranean influences. Where possible, ingredients are harvested from the resort’s organic gardens and carefully selected farmers at the nearby kibbutzim.

How to get there?

  • Drive from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem: will take approximately three-and-a-half hours or three hours from Petra in Jordan.
  • 50-minute domestic flight from Tel Aviv to the new Ramon International Airport (ETM) near Eilat, From there, it is a 45-minute transfer to the resort.
  • Helicopter flights from Tel Aviv to Shaharut (must book in advance)


  • A unique and new resort
  • Everything was well thought
  • Excellent and most welcoming staff
  • Variety of food and restaurants
  • Big and well-equipped rooms


  • Very expensive (but you do get the worth for your money)
sixsenses shaharut

Nof Tzukim

A beautiful resort in “Tzukim,” a community settlement located in the south of the Negev desert in Israel. The resort comprises 12 beautiful stone cabins, each named after one of the streams, a romantic place for couples and families.  The cabins spread on the hills around the main building harmoniously with their desert surroundings.

The cabins are divided into five landscape categories, but all have the same beautiful interior design, each equipped with a small kitchen, a spot for a bonfire, and a hot tub!

Our tip is to Pre-book your room in advance because this place is full most of the year, and it could be tricky to find a vacant date.

And another tip you would enjoy; If you made it to any of the hotels in the desert, it doesn’t matter which.

Make yourself a favor and step out of your cabin after sunset when it’s dark outside.

You will be delighted to see millions of stars shining right above your head


* villas in the middle of the desert

* great breakfast and kitchen in every room

* many desert attractions around

* pretty close to Eilat

* private Jacuzzi and a place for a bonfire 


* Remote and hard to get with public transport 

* Small amount of rooms which makes it hard to find free dates

Final Thoughts

Israel is indeed a small country, but you still have many possibilities and unique places to stay. So please tell us what you think about our recommendations, how you found your stay in any of the hotels we wrote about, or maybe you have any ideas for other unique hotels in Israel.



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