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Everything you need to know when visiting Mahe Island – Seychelles


Strips of white beaches, clear turquoise waters, wild tropical scenery alongside huge granite boulders, breathtaking dives and locals who do not know what tense lifestyle is, all these and more make Mahe the ultimate tropical destination, no matter how many times I visit it, I just can’t get enough.

Say hello to Mahe, the largest island among the Seychelles (about 115 islands), on which most of the residents of Seychelles live and where you can also find the capital city – Victoria.

The moment you land in Mahe, even from the airport itself, you realize that you have landed at a destination where every look you take will surprise you and every spot you choose to look at will take your breath away. Boom – Black cliffs on which tangled and dramatic tropical vegetation, now that is a warm welcome. On that island you will find some of the most beautiful beaches of the Seychelles (of which we will talk in details later) and besides relaxing beach time and staying in the most luxurious resorts imaginable, the island has so many things to offer – Beautiful tracks, markets, daily cruises to the small islands around, snorkeling tours and diving with a rich marine world and fascinating, wonderful food, fine local whiskey, and more…

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So, what’s in the article?

  • Accommodation option for any budget
  • Best beaches on Mahe
  • Attractions in Victoria City (Capital of Mahe)
  • Daily cruises to the petit islands around Mahe
  • Some random recommendation for things around the island

Seychelles is known as one of the most expensive destinations to stay in and is recognized for its prestigious and pampering resorts which believe me, they are! The questions which arise quite a bit are

 is it possible to find cheap lodging options as well?

 Is the destination suitable for low-budget travelers as well?

So, I have collected for you a number of recommendations for every kind of pocket.

Mahe for the low-budget traveler

For those who are looking for traveling and exploring the island more than staying in a laid-back resort and in the same time need a clean, pleasant and beautiful accommodation, we are glad to tell you about:

La Roussette Hotel

A small hotel owned by a local family, located on the east coast of Mahe (very close to the popular Anse Royale beach), a real boutique hotel with only 10 cabins which are incredibly spacious, beautiful, maintained, modern and well equipped with a lovely balcony and great view from each cabin.

 The place has a luxurious outdoor swimming pool facing beautiful tropical mountains, a restaurant (one of the tastiest fish we have tasted in our entire trip) and a bar. The staff is so nice and extremely friendly and of course super helpful with every small request we had.

Oh, and they have some giant friendly tortoises in their backyard so you can feel the Seychelles vibes. Seems they thought of everything.

La Roussette web page


Mahe for the mid-budget traveler

DoubleTree by Hilton

This 4-star Hilton hotel is set on the shores of “Anse Forbans” beach, with a gorgeous infinity pool, coconut trees, and a private beach.

Must say, the water’s color of this beach is perhaps the most beautiful, if not one of the most beautiful we have seen in all the Seychelles; Such bright turquoise transparent water line alongside spectacular granite rocks on each side of the beach, and the highlight? We were just alone on the beach. The hotel visitors preferred staying in the pool and we enjoyed the beach water which was flatter than a swimming pool only for ourselves.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable with sea and pool views, excellent service, a luxurious and rich breakfast, red and orange sparrows flying by your side, an excellent dinner with an option for a private chef’s meal on the beach, and at sunset a powerful orchestra of birds that I couldn’t believe my ears, alongside a rainbow that decided to go out. Did I mention!? Paradise.

Double Tree Mahe website

Constance Ephelia

One of the most popular hotels among families

The hotel lays on a wide area and offers a variety of luxurious villas. Hillside rooms: overlooking the beach from a bird’s-eye view, alongside a luxurious private pool. Quiet beach villas, which have private beach access, all you need is to step out of the room and you’re already there.

The hotel has 4 different swimming pools for all those staying in the suite complex, all overlooking a breathtaking tropical view.

The hotel itself has two private beaches, one southern and one northern, five excellent restaurants (two are chef restaurants), each specializing in a different cuisine.

There is a large and impressive spa complex, a marine complex, a sports complex, and countless activities for both family and couples.

In short, there is no end to the indulgence, a dream for both families and for couples.

Constance Ephelia website

Mahe for the high-budget traveler


Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Say hello to the hotel which still appears in my dreams. This hotel is perhaps my favorite of all hotels in Seychelles and maybe in the entire world.

Located on the banks of” Petite Anse” which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches the island of Mahe has to offer.

The hotel rooms and facilities are all set on a mountain with spectacular tropical views, all villas include both the beach view and all the wild vegetation that grows all around, and every villa is equipped with a dreamy private pool.

Like every other Four Seasons hotel, you can communicate with the staff via an app that allows you to ask anything you want from the hotel staff, call a golf cart to take you to the beach/restaurant or any other place around the resort, book an activity/place in a restaurant or any other thing you desire.

My personal recommendation, if you can of course, leave the golf car service for a moment and walk around the beautiful resort! You will thank me later.

My favorite thing about this hotel is that it’s totally one with the nature. The scenery is wild and dramatic, you feel as if you’re in a tropical forest with no end. Literally Jurassic Park.

This place got me so excited, I really felt like a child when walking up and down the beautiful small roads between the villas.

Let’s face the truth, staying there is not cheap. Agree. But as being a part of Four Seasons chain, this is a level above the rest, and you’re getting the maximum from the amount you’re spending; The best service, the most precise design, the endless beauty, the pampering. Everything.

The hotel has two excellent restaurants, a very reputable spa center and a variety of activities for children (and also adults) such as diving, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking. For celebrations of special occasions, or even if you just want to be spoiled, beautiful romantic setups on the beach and you can even have the option (for a fee of course) for a private helicopter flight around Mahe.

Four Seasons Mahe website

The most beautiful beaches on Mahe

Anse Intendance

The large and spectacular beach is located on the southwest coast of Mahe. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches that Seychelles has to offer. The entire coast is surrounded by tropical forests and of course like any beautiful beach in Seychelles, gorgeous natural formations of granite rocks and countless shades of blue for the water. On the beach is a sweet bar made of tree trunks for drinking coconuts and fruits (photogenic and brings up a smile), with local fun music. Please note that the waves on the beach are high, especially towards sunset, and the tide stars and covers most of the beach, so think twice about whether this is the right destination for visiting with children.


Anse Royal

One of the most popular beaches in Mahe. Located on the east side of the island. Very busy thanks to its beauty. The beach is long and narrow, and the granite rocks are particularly photogenic and unique in shape. The beach lays on a main road of Mahe, next to local restaurants. It is convenient to swim in the water and snorkeling is recommended in the area. Also, from time to time you will find locals selling the most delicious fruits and coconuts which they will cut for you very skillfully right on the spot.

Anse Takamaka

Some would say the most beautiful, picturesque beach on the island’s south side. The waves could be high from time to time, so it could be a bit less convenient for those who have difficulty with swimming. On good weather days, the beach is excellent for snorkeling; Mesmerizing turquoise waters, surrounded by dense tropical forests, and you can even see some

giant tortoises!

Beau Vallon

The “Beautiful Valley” is one of the longest beaches in Mahe in the northwest of the island. I got less attached to this beach than to other beaches we visited during our stay, maybe because of the size, space, and variety of activities the place offers. Still, many others will disagree with me and say it is the most beautiful. The beach is slightly more touristic and organized than others because of its proximity to a small town with many restaurants, stalls, and surf clubs, making the place an attractive attraction among tourists and locals and bustling with life even in the evening.

Petit Anse

The beach of the Four Seasons Hotel that I mentioned above. Open to anyone who wants, even if not staying at the hotel.

Beautiful beach, surrounded by tropical vegetation, mesmerizing black cliffs, and bright, soft white sand. Remote and quiet, not crowded compared to many other beaches on the island, and calm water makes it easy to swim.

To get to the beach, park next to four seasons Mahe hotel, proceed walking down to the beach for about 15 minutes until you will arrive to the beach.

A day in the capital city Victoria.

Meet Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles – the smallest capital in the world.

Against the backdrop of tropical mountains and endless wild forests, Victoria was built in 1778 and today contains a third of the entire population of Seychelles. This is a tiny and cute city; there is not too much to do in it, but if you have enough time and a few hours you want to spend differently, I have collected all the attractions your city has to offer.

Sir Selwyn Selwyn – Clarke Market

A beautiful and colorful market, and if you ask me, the most authentic and exciting attraction Victoria has to offer. The market is not big, but I could still walk around it for hours. To look at the locals who, for some reason, always seem carefree and welcoming to me, to imagine what is the story of people seemed so interesting to me.

The market has two floors; on the street level, you will find fish and seafood at reasonably low prices among the stalls, tropical fruits and vegetables, spices, and flowers. And on the second floor, you can find colorful clothes, seashell jewelry, exciting woodwork, handmade straw hats, and even Coco de Mer, a giant coconut in the world that grows exclusively in Seychelles and is the most significant source of pride in the locals.

 Hindu Temple 

Temple of Arul Mihu Navasakthi and Vinegar.

It turns out that in Victoria you can also set foot in India for a moment.

The temple was built in 1992, just like me. (Yes, I’m 30 years old, and yes, it’s a issue for me) and named after the Indian god Vinegar who brings security and prosperity. The building is now considered one of the most beautiful Hindu temples in the world and it is really hard to ignore its exterior design which is all colorful and its special sculptures.

Of course, in a Hindu temple, as in a Hindu temple, it is mandatory to take off shoes at the entrance, and they must be left outside.

Clock Tower

We were in India and now we have arrived in London. Say hello to Big Ben the Seychelles version. The clock tower, one of the most important symbols of the city of Victoria, is a small and slightly different version of the famous Elizabeth Tower in London, known to us all as Big Ben.

The clock, which the locals call ‘Loreluz’ in the local Creole language, is a monument in memory of Queen Victoria who ruled Britain for many years, after whom the city is also named.

Esplanade Craft Kiosk and Camion Hall

Two lovely little shopping malls where you can find souvenirs, local art and handicrafts, paintings, wood carvings, colorful clothes, scarves, bags, and a variety of jewelry

What else to do on Mahe island

Craft Village

One of the most charming and recommended places in my eyes when visiting Mahe is the artists’ village which in the colonial period belonged to a royal family (you can also find a mini-museum there that illustrates precisely what the main building and the area looked like).

The whole place is green and well-kept, like a lovely garden with quite a few colorful pavilions, with each pavilion being a stand for artists of all kinds, and each is painted in a different color.

What I especially liked about the place was that the site was not crowded; we were always there alone. And compared to a lot of other artist markets we’ve visited in the past, the artists here don’t put any pressure on buying, which I sometimes find to be something that can ruin the experience.

If you want and ask, they will share their makings and story with you. In most pavilions, you can find countless souvenirs, handicrafts, wooden sculptures for the home, stunning straw hats, bags, soaps, clothes, Coco de Mer, and many other treats. We found one fascinating pavilion in which models of handmade ships consisting of tiny parts were presented, where we also got to see how artists craft these models in real-time.

On the way down from the village, we sat in an excellent and recommended restaurant, in a magical atmosphere and with precise design, in front of a charming beach and palm trees, with excellent food and a massive selection of foods and beverages;

Maison Marengo Bar & Restaurant 

Mission Lodge

Most people know the place thanks to its spectacular view of the northern side of the island;

They do not know that it is a historic site recognized by UNESCO, which displays the ruins and remains of an ancient town from the 19th century, including a school, boarding schools, and more. And of course, all these are at the pick of nature and beauty. Exciting!

The spectacular sea world that the destination has to offer. Save and take pictures; this is for you!

Daily (full day) tour departing from Mahe towards the pristine island of Moyenne. The trip itself is on a boat with a transparent floor; you can see flocks of fish of all sizes and colors through the boat’s bottom. Kids like kids are very excited about the experience and watching the fish that way. And we, the realistic adults, are more preoccupied with the fact that it doesn’t matter how transparent the floor is, it is dirty, and the experience (this specific of a transparent bottom) is a bit disappointing.

The tour opens, for those interested, of course, with snorkeling at St. Anne’s National Marine Park (the equipment, in all required sizes, of course, you will get from the staff). This is a great place to get to know and explore the mesmerizing marine world that Seychelles have to offer. The area has the wealthiest marina with over 150 different species of colorful fish and coral.

In the marina area, there are six small islands that you can visit and even stay on a few of them:

1. Ile Moyenne

Ile Moyenne seychelles

2. Ile Longue

Ile Longue seychelles

3. St Anne Island

St Anne Island seychelles

4. Ile Aux Cerf

Ile Aux Cerf seychelles

5. Chachee Island

Chachee Island seychelles

6. Ile Ronde

Ile Ronde seychelles

After snorkeling, you will reach the island of Moyenne. A beautiful and deserted island owned by the British journalist Brendon Grimshaw who fell in love with the island at first sight (after he died in 2012 the island was declared a national park).

The island, like any Seychelles island, is surrounded by pristine white beaches with turquoise waters and impressive granite rocks. However, what sets the island apart from others is the number of coconut trees planted on the island’s sides, and gives the island appearance of a small pyramid above the ocean.

On the island, you will find a beautiful cluster of sweet giant tortoises and viewpoints, which you will reach by a little walk around the island.

As part of the tour, we had also stop for a friendly and refreshing lunch on the island of Moyenne. We finished with some free time to enjoy the stunning and empty beaches of Ronda Island, where if you did not have time to snorkel in St. Ann, with little luck on your side you might be able to spot Stingrays and sea turtles.

Final Thoughts


Mahe, as you have probably already understood, besides being the largest island, is also the destination that has the most options, for any type of traveler. In terms of hotels, tracks, itineraries and places to see. And despite the fact that it is the most touristic and inhabited island, it still allows its visitors a unique tropical experience and also the option to be alone on a wide beach.

You can find this article in the Hebrew language here


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