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Kenya from a different perspective

7 most unique hotels in Kenya and more

Hakuna Matata, the meaning is “no worries”. In the last two years, this phrase felt a little disconnected.

And yet, after all, we didn’t let the fear get too deep inside and went after our dream, or to be precise, flew after our goal.

To Kenya, the country where Simba is walking the ground. The land where you wake up each morning to the unbelievable nature and a giraffe is staring right into your eyes. We set out on a journey into a lesser-known world, where we will wander among the most famous nature reserves where the hosts are also predators.

But this time, we would like to introduce you to Kenya from a lesser-known angle, where hotels are no less than spectacular with white beaches that are empty of people, huge beach camels, coconuts, and tropics that will not embarrass Seychelles.

If you are looking for an authentic African experience with unforgettable moments alongside a wide variety of wildlife by your side on the one hand and the other hand, get spoiled and rest in luxury hotels; Kenya is the place for you.

Aside from being one of the best destinations for a safari, Kenya is, without a doubt, high on my list of favorite countries in the world.

With savannas, mountains, and an endless landscape that changes at every stop, fascinating tribes with ancient cultures that feel like you are entering a time machine and the world is suddenly a bit foreign to you. And if that’s not enough, strips of beaches that will leave any traveler who has seen a world with an open mouth. Although we arrived with an expectation of an unconventional experience, Kenya managed to surprise and transcend any of our wildest imaginations.


UNIque hotels

Meet the hotels that will make the whole difference:

Giraffe Manor

So even when you get to the busy Nairobi, you can land straight for the experience without having to travel far.

Does breakfast with a giraffe sound tempting?

Get to know the hotel where a relationship with a wild animal is not a bad word!

The hotel building throws you into the 1930s when even then this place served as a residence for those coming for a safari experience.

The fact that the place has only ten rooms gives an intimate, unique, and quiet experience just about half an hour from Nairobi Airport.

And let’s talk for a moment about giraffes, Because they cannot be ignored. The giraffes are tamed and loose to roam around the hotel grounds as they please, and they will not even be ashamed to put their head in the window to say hello (and if it’s an option to get some of your food, even better) or join a romantic meal as the third wheel with a long tongue.

 Finch Hatton’s

Watch our Finch Hatton’s Video 

So after we had breakfast with giraffes, why won’t we swim with elephants?! Finch Hattons, Without any doubt, was the best experience we had in Kenya.

The hotel, which is located in Tsavo, the oldest and biggest wild nature reserve in Kenya, keeps on getting more and more yearly awards, for a good reason!

Masai Mara style Olympic games in the middle of nature, luxury tents that are on the same level as the best hotel rooms in the world, private romantic chef dinner in the middle of the reserve next to a huge tree which is all decorated with magical lights, infinity pools with views straight towards the savannah, and all of those, without any separation between you and mother nature.

It’s you and the wild animals.

Elephants may stop for a sip of water at your swimming pool, Giraffes and buffalos may gaze at you between the bushes, and hippos and zebras might cross your trails running, but don’t worry, you’re perfectly safe because after the sun sets, every walk you need or want to take inside the camp, including walks to the restaurants and back, will lead by two guides, who most likely are from the Masai tribe! One will walk in front of you and the other behind you, and they will light the way with their flashlights and teach you how to distinguish the animals you see inside the bushes by their eyes’ color reflection, and by another, less shiny way(their poo).

7 most unique hotels in Kenya

Tassia Lodge

“Somewhere over the rainbow” that’s probably the best way to define this place.

On the edge of a cliff in the Laikipia region, among huge rocks, that’s exactly where you will find Tassia Lodge.

The place where it’s just you and nature among millions of stars. It was completely isolated from the outside world, from all the noises or technology. And yes, if you are wondering, there is also no cellular reception… so good luck!

But the really thrilling thing about the place is that it’s all open. Scary at first, I admit, sleeping between lions and maybe occasionally hearing a nearby roar, knowing that there is no wall to separate you from the trouble. But exactly at this same spot where you feel the most vulnerable, you feel the most protected and secured.

The whole place feels as if it was painted for a fairy tale. Even the birds are singing to you while you’re having your shower as if you were Cinderella herself. There is no better word to describe this place than…ADVENTURE!

7 בתי המלון הטובים ביותר בקניה

House in the Wild

And last but not least, for now, the magic on the Mara river bank.

House in the wild is a boutique resort with eight quiet private villas. Each of them is totally different than the other.

Everything about this place gives you the feeling you’re at home, starting from the staff, to the design and decoration of the place, the amazing food, and call me crazy, but there is real magic in the air!

In this small place, the experience is endless, whether it is going on a safari or, as it is called in Africa, Game Drive in the famous Masai Mara Reserve where the amount of animals and herds is unavailable.

The only place in Kenya where you can witness one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world – the crossing of the river from Kenya to Tanzania by hundreds of thousands of Gnu during the migration season. And on the way also see a lion yawning at a touching distance, just waiting for a leopard hiding on the top of a tall tree.

And of course, if you would like to visit the Masai-Mara tribe, they will be glad to host you with songs, dances and lots of jumping. For me, this was a must-have experience that turned out to be the most powerful experience Kenya gave me.

Excuse me, but how did I get to Zanzibar?!

So after going through the hotels, let’s talk about the real surprise of Kenya. Because Toto, I have a feeling we’re not on the Kenyazas anymore.

When you think of Kenya, do you imagine a tropical dream like no other? Because to be honest, it didn’t pass on my mind even for a slight moment.

White beach and turquoise waters that change their color with every look you take, a coconut drink, or maybe you would prefer a pineapple?

We give you the places you don’t want to miss when visiting Kenya:


The island of Lamu is unlike anything you knew.

Between the spectacular beaches and the addictive tropics, the island has a history that makes the destination no less than a pure gem!

With a combination of African, Muslim, Persian, Asian, and European cultures, the fact that there are no roads or vehicles, only narrow and ancient alleys and paths with lots of donkeys, it’s not a surprise that you can have an unforgettable experience unlike any other! Alongside authentic and charming moments that throw you back to the 12th century, The old city Lamu is one of the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa, and therefore it was declared a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The unique constructions, the ancient port, and the fascinating culture make Lamu the “African Cuba” that you just must visit before the modern lifestyle arrives there.

Diani Beach

The place that was declared time after time “the best beach destination in Africa,” and it’s very obvious why!

Diani Beach Is all that comes to mind when thinking of a tropical paradise. With white beaches full of coconut trees just like in Zanzibar, only empty of crowds and tourists, turquoise waters that will change their colors at each time of the day because of the tides that will make this place even more beautiful!                           

Among spoiling and beautiful beach resorts, Camels decorated with bougainvillea flowers that are passing on the beach, lots of monkeys are walking among the people, African music, cruises to the small islands near Diani, and just SILENCE everywhere. This is an outstanding destination for snorkelers and divers and one of Africa’s most famous destinations for water sports.


A small and charming town only two hours from busy Mombasa. Also packed with quiet and white-sanded beaches, but even less touristic than the other towns.

On the one hand, Watamu is the “Little Rome of Africa” where you can find the remains of the small Swahili village from the 12th century named Gadi, which was built entirely from rocks and stones. And on the other hand, home to countless sea-preserved sea turtles and heaven for diving and snorkeling.

Islands tour

Along the coastline are many pristine islands, and almost everywhere, you can hire a local guide who will take you in a small, local boat to all the most extraordinary and authentic places alongside bouncy dolphins and tropical fish. If You’ll ask for my opinion? do not miss this experience, as it’s wild nature at its finest.

So if you feel like you have not yet experienced a genuinely tropical destination and want to be Robinson Crusoe for a day and disconnect from everything, this is precisely what you need to do. Only you, the starfish, landscapes that will make you shade a tear of happiness (and well… the guide, you can’t get rid of him :) )

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